Mission and Vision


”The future depends on what we do today.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Mission = The present that we are improving…

The present is no secret for us because we work in it and we daily enhance and improve our knowledge, which leads us to a clear goal: creating complete solutions for the manufacture of electronic assemblies and assuming full responsibility based on our decades-long experience in the field. We strive to become a key link in the activity chain of our clients.

The goal of the company is to satisfy customer because we exist thanks to them. That is why we believe that every employee should be aware that providing outstanding customer service is the only way we can improve. We want each of us to be proud of being part of Qualis Electronics.


“Let the future tell the truth, evaluate each man for his work and merits. The present is theirs, but the future is mine, the future for which I have worked so hard.”
Nikola Tesla

Vision = The future we are creating…

Constantly staring at the time to come, we have learned from the greatest visionaries, those who created through their work the future that we live today.

The founders of our company have patiently built a home on sound foundations, with the vision that its construction is a long-lasting process. Today we may say that the future is every next day, for which we are ready thanks to the knowledge and innovative concepts that we turn into new market successes. By applying the highest industrial standards, we strive to deliver always a quality level that is at least slightly above expectations, flexible, thorough, and always on time.

That is why we proudly claim that with us serial production is extremely simplified.

We want to be a smart factory – a supplier that creates added value for its customers. We want to provide complete manufacturing services in the field of electronics to our highly demanding OEM customers. We believe that electronics manufacturing services supported by a strong engineering team represents the basis for a long-term collaboration with customers, suppliers and employees.