We care about our employees

In a rapidly changing world where work dynamics are constantly accelerating, every person needs to find a balance between what they are and what they want to achieve – both at business and personal level.

At Qualis we make an effort to understand the needs of modern people and put them in the context of our business by doing the following:

  • we use different forms of work and rest;
  • we encourage different opinions;
  • we aim for a sustainable and stable business;
  • we support dual education and cooperate with several faculties of the University of Niš.

Although we are a team of young people, we do not limit ourselves to age, experience or anything else, because we are flexible in our operations, so that we may achieve results in a way that keeps our customers and our employees happy. We work in a modern environment with a highly motivated Team and the possibility of continuous improvement.

If we succeeded to encourage you to apply for a job at Qualis, please contact us at: hr@qualis-electronics.com